Jewelry Care

1. Don't wear your jewelery while you're asleep or while you're having a long shower or soak in the bath!
2. Avoid wearing perfume at the same time as your jewelery. Perfume contains strong chemicals which can cause a reaction meaning the plating will tarnish and eventually break.
3.Brass items need to be looked after as brass tarnishes over time (although this does add to the vintage look!). To get your pieces shiny again just give them a wipe with some Brasso or see more tip on the bottom.
4.Please treat your pieces gently! Although every care is taken to ensure the strongest materials are used (i.e. glue) they may not withstand hard labor! If you have accidentally broken a chain write me a note and I will list a new chain for you.


ALL JEWELRY should be taken off before showering/swimming/exercising, and kept clean & dry in a closed storage when not in use. Jewelry should be properly cleaned once in awhile in order for it to last longer. 

For Gold-fill use dishwash liquid & water or jewelry cleaner. Be careful not to tangle chain, gold-FILLED components can last years of regular wear.

Raw Brass naturally oxidizes depending on the air & body chemistry but brightens up quickly if you rub with lemon + water then rinse. Polishing with a soft nail buffer also works. It is not irreversibly tarnished, just temporarily oxidized.